Out Now: Once Upon Her Honor, a Victorian Second Chance Romance

Once Upon Her Honor Now Available

Emily and Xavier’s story is now available! Find all the buy links on the book page and get your copy today.

About the Book

Lady Emily Black will do anything for redemption.

Haunted by a tragic mistake in her past that endangered her family and nearly cost the life of the only man she could ever love, Emily now lives a life of exile that just so happens to include sword play and stealth on the dark streets of London in an attempt to stop innocent people from coming to harm at the hands of seedy criminals. Caring not for her own safety, Emily embarks on a life of justice at all costs, if only to rid her mind of the ghostly image of her lost love.

Professor Xavier Mesmer will do anything for peace.

Haunted by the death of his friend, Xavier abandoned the research that led to his friend’s demise and now only undertakes endeavors for peace to honor the memory of his lost friend. So when a chance to serve at a peace conference at Kensington Palace arises, Xavier must push aside his dark memories of the attempt on his life and the bewitching debutante whose eyes still haunt his dreams in order to return to the city he swore never to step foot in again.

But when Emily overhears the plotting of Xavier’s murder, there’s only one thing she can do.

Save him, of course.

Get your copy today!

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