Always a Gentleman, Never a Duke

Always a Gentleman, Never a Duke
Series: Dueling for Dukes, Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 9798988191667

It's love at first sight...with the wrong man.

About the Book

Having already spent two seasons on the Marriage Mart without a single flutter of her heart, Lady Eloise Bounds has given up on ever finding a love match and accepts the reality of her situation. When the Duke of Ardley expresses interest in having her for his wife, Eloise has no choice but to put away her childish dreams and become the duchess her mother wants her to be.

But when an accidental encounter reignites her hope for a love match, she can’t help but fall…for the wrong man.

When his brother is killed because of the effects of a massive solar storm, the Honorable Mr. Tucker Ryan makes it his mission to study the aurora borealis, unearth its secrets, and prevent further needless deaths. But without a benefactor for his expedition, he must take up his cousin, the Duke of Ardley’s offer to spend the season in London, searching for someone to fund his research.

Except he finds Eloise instead.

Fighting their growing attraction to each other, Tuck and Eloise are forced together again and again as Tuck’s cousin courts Eloise to make her his wife. But the two will soon learn, love will not be ignored.

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