About Jessie

Bestselling, award-nominated author of the Spy Series, Jessie Clever.I’m Jessie, and I take orders from two overly opinionated Basset hounds. (Follow me on Instagram to see what I mean.) Occasionally, they let me write.

I write stories full of adventure, love, and laughter, quite simply because I want to make people happier. Life can be tough, and sometimes we just need an escape. I write with the hope of giving my readers that precious, much-needed escape.

I love writing romance novels. There is no other story that allows me to play with the full wheel of emotions like a love story. Every book I write pulls at every emotion, pushes at every boundary, and always ends up being my new favorite book. (Don’t tell the others!)

I hope you’ll join us for a little escape. After all, love is the greatest adventure.

I somehow managed to find my way from Buffalo, NY to New Hampshire (Why on earth did I go deeper into the cold, icy north?) where I live with the most amazing man on this planet and probably in this galaxy – my incredible husband whom my mother loves more than she loves me. It’s okay. I get it. I’m a Disney fanatic, and I’ll remember your dog’s name before I remember yours.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the dog wants to be let out. Again.

Two basset hounds sit on a front stoop and discuss the neighbors.
Said overly opinionated Basset hounds.