5 Fast Facts about Jessie Clever

jessiecleverdicktracycostumeAs I plan for the launch of my third self published book, Inevitably a Duchess: A Spy Series Novella, I feel like I know my readers better than they know me.  So here are a few little things about, well, myself.

  1. I prefer potato chips with my ice cream.  Thank you, Ben & Jerry’s, for realizing this is a thing.
  2. All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was Indiana Jones.  Check out the dedication to my first book, Son of a Duke, if you don’t believe me.  It made college seem really pointless.
  3. I’m afraid of stairs and swamps.  Because of a muscle deficiency in my right eye, I don’t have depth perception.  Every time I walk down a flight of stairs, I take my life into my hands.  And swamps.  Really?  Do I need to explain that one.  Hello, totally creepy.
  4. I learned all of the words to Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week” when it first came out, and I can still sing all the words today.  And yes, I still don’t have any friends.
  5. I first saw Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Thanksgiving Day back in the 90s.  And I’ve adored her ever since.

281778_10150320413644740_1236010_nSo there you go.  Those are really the important things to know about me.   Stay tuned for this week’s newsletter: cover reveal for Inevitably a Duchess as well as the release date.  Eek!  I’m so excited!


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