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January 29, 2015

This week I’m participating in a Romance Writers Blog Hop. I’m going to share a little bit about my writing process while also getting to introduce you to some other great romance writers!

chairI was tagged by fellow historical romance writer Jude Knight.  Jude’s first novella, Candle’s Christmas Chair, came out just before Christmas 2014. The hero is a young viscount who comes to buy an invalid chair for his mother, and finds the woman who has been haunting his dreams for three years. The heroine is a carriage-maker’s daughter who has been burnt before in trying to step out of her class, and who is determined not to take the risk again. The free ebook is in the top 10 on several Amazon bestseller lists for free fiction. Jude is in the final stages of preparing her novel, Farewell to Kindness, for publication on 1 April 2015.

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What do I write?

A Countess Most DaringI was a history major in college.  I think that should about cover this question of the hop, but I’ll elaborate.  I was very irritated in reading romance novels that had desperate heroines.  History seemed to be riddled with them if the romance novels I was reading at the time was anything to go by.  So as I was studying history in school, I realized that wasn’t true.  There were some truly kick ass heroines in history, and I wondered why no one wrote about them.  That’s when I realized I could write about them.  So I do.

What am I currently working on?

As any writer plague with an unceasing well of creativity, I thought I had wrapped the Spy Series in 2014 only to realize the next generation wanted their own stories.  So I am hard at work researching a new period in London’s history to give the next generation their voice.  The heroes and heroines of my Regency romance Spy Series will get to live another day!

How do my historical romances differ from others in the genre?

Like I said above, my heroines completely and totally break any rules that there are around romance novel heroines, especially in the historical genre.  But more than that, I really wanted to add a modern twist to historical romances.  I like the juxtaposition of dabbling with the modern in such a historically rich literary piece.  It’s this that makes my historical romances differ from others in the genre.

Why do I write historical?

Son of a Duke: Regency RomanceI write historical because I must.  I know a lot of writers (myself included) are often asked why we just can’t quit, and I know the response of “because I must write!” does not seem normal to other people.  But that’s the truth of it.  These stories just pop into our heads, and they will stay there, clamoring to be let out, until we do just that.  So when historical romances pop into my head, I write them down.  As long as they ask politely.

Up next: Brenda B. Taylor

AHighlandPearl2_Huge-1I have the immense honor of passing this blog onto an extraordinary writer that I am so lucky to know.  Brenda crafts stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.  Her desire is that the message in each book will touch the heart of the reader as it did hers in the writing.  Her latest release, A Highland Pearl: Highland Treasures Book One, tells the tale of a sweet romance budding between feuding and war.  A Highland Pearl is an amazing read, and I can’t wait for Brenda to share more on her writing process.

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