Why I Hate Writing Love Scenes

February 4, 2015

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, February is the month of love, so here on Romancing a Blog, I thought we’d talk about just that: love.  It is after all what I write about, eh?

So first topic: why I hate writing love scenes.

I hear from many readers that they enjoy my steamy love scenes and the added bit of humor I put into them, but to be honest, I can’t stand writing them and will skip chapters to avoid them.


Because there’s a lot going on in a love scene that does not involve throbbing members and tight sheaths.

To write a love scene properly, yes, you must engage in the physical aspect of the scene, but the love scene is actually serving as a plot device to move your character arcs forward, and if you’re not careful, you could completely and totally muck it up.

To Save a ViscountFor example, let’s talk about Maggie and Jack because I like them, and there’s is an instance when I did skip over the chapter with the first love scene.

In the first love scene in this book, there is a lot balancing on Maggie’s character development.  She believes she literally cannot feel emotion, and I put her in this situation where she must feel it.  That’s a lot for a character to support.

Take it a step further: this scene happens in the first half of the second act of the book.

What does this mean?

This is still the part in the book when Maggie’s character is reacting to what’s going on around her and not taking proactive action for anything happening when it comes to her relationship with Jack.

Okay, sounds great, but what does that have to do with the writing?

In writing the physical aspect of the scene, I must do the following utilizing the events that occurs when making love:

  • Show Maggie as being reactive and not proactive (very hard when her entire character is based on being a take charge kind of girl)
  • Show Maggie as taking a step in a positive direction for character development
  • Make sure Jack doesn’t look like a cad for forcing himself on a woman who claims to feel nothing
  • Write an interesting love scene from a physical standpoint

So while readers may truly enjoy reading the love scenes, I dread them because it really puts an author to the test.

Want more great examples?

Check out…

Next week, we’ll talk about why there are no throbbing members allowed in my love scenes.

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