Where to Find Deals on eBooks

April 9, 2014

booksWhen I got my Kindle many years ago, I was so worried about finding bargain books.  My favorite thing in the whole world (next to really good ice cream and the feel of Lady Josephine asleep on my lap) are used book stores especially the ones that let you trade in.  I spent quite a few years in Portland, Maine, which meant many Satudays trekking to a great used book shop in the Old Port with paper grocery bags filled with books.  I loved that used book stores allowed you to take a chance on a new author without a lot of risk.  You could just trade the book back in later.

But when I got my Kindle, I asked: Is there a used book store for Kindles?

Answer: Yes.

Today I’ll share with you just a few of those spots.

And a shout out to self-published authors: use this post as a guide for promoting your own work.  These sites will provide great exposure and get you some much-coveted reviews.


This is a daily newsletter service.  Sign up here and select the categories you’re interested in.  Bookbub will send you an email everyday with new reads based on the categories you selected.

Ereader News Today

This also acts like a daily newsletter service.  Sign up here and get great deals, tips and tricks delivered to your inbox.

Pixel of Ink

Another great newsletter service, sign up here for more deals delivered daily.


Storyfinds is a great site for finding new authors.  Acting as a newsletter service, you will get the deals sent to your inbox by signing up here.  Great way to find new authors (and indie authors!) at very little risk.

Goodreads Giveaways

I know right now you’re thinking, but I use Goodreads to manage my TBR list.  Well, did you know authors can promote giveaways through their Goodreads pages?  Check out the giveaways on the First Read page here.  The giveaways are just that and act like a lottery.  Enter to the win advanced copies you would like to read.  The catch: you must review it on Goodreads.  That’s why you’re getting the advanced copy for free.

Kindle Daily Deals

I’m surprised at the number of people who don’t know about Amazon’s daily Kindle deals email blast.  You can subscribe here.  Warning though: I’ve emptied many a paycheck into Kindle daily deal emails.

Amazon Local

This is another great Amazon tool.  Sign up for deals in your local area, but sometimes, Amazon will throw in a coupon for Kindle books or free monthly memberships to Audible.  Awesome.

Dear Author

This one may seem odd as it’s a blog, but Dear Author is an outstanding resource for all things romance novels.  Subscribe to their feed, and every day you’ll receive an email in which the people who run the blog have gathered all of the book deals out there.  Like I said, great resource.

Read-A-Romance Month

This gets away from the ereaders, but I think it’s worth mentioning.  On this amazing blog, romance novelists from across the sphere come together to celebrate the genre.  And even better?  They give away a ton of books!  All you need to do is follow the blog and comment on various posts to win whatever the guest author is giving away.  From this past year’s romance month, three books showed up in my mailbox.  There’s nothing better than books just showing up in your mailbox.  Follow it.  Enjoy the insanity of romance novels in August.

Email 3 booksSocial Media

Again, this one might seem weird, but it’s not.  A tool most authors use is something called beta readers or street teams.  They’re slightly different things that result in the same thing for a reader: free books.  Writers need someone to read their work before sending it out into the big bad world.  I don’t know about other writers, but my husband (I love him dearly!) has never read anything I’ve written.  And while my mother has, it’s embarrassing to talk to her about the sex scenes I wrote.  That’s where beta readers and street teams come in, and writers usually recruit for beta readers and street teams through their social media.

Here’s the difference between the two:

Beta readers read the pre-published draft.  What this means is that before publication, the writer will send you (usually an electronic) copy of the manuscript.  You read it by a certain deadline and provide feedback via email or other established method.

Members of street teams work a little harder, but you usually get more perks.  Street teams promote the writer to friends and family and on your own social media outlets in exchange for free stuff.  And this can be anything: books, bookmarks, keychains, pens (all of this stuff is referred to as swag), gift cards, etc.  You just have to be prepared to promote the writer over everything.  This means being aware of launch dates and looking for their social media posts to re-post and share, etc.  The arrangements of street teams all vary by writer, but it’s worth checking out.  Follow your favorite authors.  You may get lucky if they post looking for members to join the street team.

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