Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

October 2, 2013

This is a question a lot of writers get and one I am often asked.

And my answer?

A Rose by Any Other NameEverywhere, so watch out!

This a fair answer because more often than not, I am always taking mental notes about how whatever is currently happening will fit into a work in progress.

Here is a good example.

Nearly two years ago now, I married the greatest guy in the world.  (Sorry, ladies, but you can’t stop looking.  I found him, and I took him.)  And as a romance writer, people always say, Ooo, how did he propose???

Well, he didn’t.  We had a long distance relationship until I finally got a job in the state where he lived, so we could finally have a relationship that was built on more than text messages, emails and phone calls.  And in the spirit of finally being able to do all of those things that a lot of couples take for granted, my then boyfriend patted me on the knee and said, we should get you a ring.

I’m not kidding, folks.  He really did do that to a romance writer!

Fast forward through two years packed full of constant nagging from me about my missed marriage proposal, and you have one very annoyed husband who is really tired of receiving emails filled with links to stories about amazing marriage proposals.  Well, I’m proud to say, despite his annoyance, my persistence paid off in the form of  a do-over.

One Saturday, I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and thought I heard a very faint voice say my name.  I opened the door of the bathroom with the towel pressed to my chest to find my husband on his knees in the hallway with our Basset hound perched on his lap.  Tied to our hound’s collar in brilliant blue ribbon was a ring and a note.  I was finally getting my marriage proposal as I stood naked, dripping water in our bathroom.  And the first thing I said was not yes, but in fact, I’m putting this in a book!

And then I proceeded to laugh my head off.

So, dear readers, my ideas really do come from everywhere, and you had really better watch out.  You might just end up in a book.

(P.S. I did say yes when I stopped laughing.)

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