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January 15, 2014
Source: www.savagechickens.com
Source: www.savagechickens.com

So when this happened to me on December 31, 2012, I had a handy dandy little to do list for 2013 already prepared.  It was beautiful, pristine, and brilliant.  And entirely too ambitious.

Just to give you a hint of what the list included:

  • Finish wedding scrapbook (We were married in 2011, so I knew this wasn’t happening in 2013, but I liked my positive attitude.)
  • Paint the basement stairwell (When the hubby and I moved into the current digs, the basement rec room was painted a color somewhere between puke and toe fungus.  We painted the rest of the rec room before we even moved in, but like any painting project, there’s a piece of wall you’re not sure what color to paint.  This, easily enough, was fixed in 2013.  No more pukey toe fungus.)
  • Fill all of the frames given to us as wedding presents with actual photos.  (Remember when it was easy to find photos to stick into frames?  This was back when film was popular.  This was an incredibly difficult to do item to complete, and it was really only finished last week.  Phew.)
  • Publish a novel.  (Yes, I did something in 2013!)

So to recap 2013 for those of you just joining us now, I did manage to publish three works in 2013:

Son of  a Duke: Book 1 in the Spy Series

For Love of the Earl: Book 2 in the Spy Series

Inevitably a Duchess:  A Spy Series Novella

Notes from For Love of the Earl
Notes from For Love of the Earl

The Spy Series came about as the result of too much boredom during my 1L (and only!) year of law school.  If I knew it would be published one day and read by the world at large, I would have come up with a snazzier title than Spy Series for the collection.  Oh well.  Maybe my next series will have a totally rad name.  Son of a Duke and For Love of the Earl were the only two stories in my mind at the time, but after readers started discovering the world of Richard, Jane, Nathan, Nora, Alec and Sarah, I got a lot of requests to hear Richard and Jane’s story.  So I had to think of what it was, and along came Inevitably a Duchess.

So what happens to all of the wonderful characters you discovered in the Spy Series in 2013?

There are two books planned in this series for 2014:

  • A Countess Most Daring: Book 3 of the Spy Series
  • To Save a Viscount: Book 4 of the Spy Series

In Book 3, we learn the fate of Kate and Thatcher.  What ship did they board?  Will they make it back to England?  And in Book 4, we discover that a dangerous plot has been brewing all along, unnoticed by our dashing heroes and courageous heroines, a plot that threatens to bring the entire spy network to its knees and with it, the very life of one of our beloved heroes.  But only someone from his past will be able to save him.  (You will not want to miss this!  Didn’t I just make it sound so cool?)

This is where the Spy Series shall end, I’m afraid.  I know it can be hard as a reader to understand why a writer would end a series, but in a writer’s mind, there’s a perfect place in which the characters one has created can exist, and that place includes an ending.  The ending of Book 4 is the perfect place to stop this tale of espionage and danger, because you won’t like what happens at the end of Book 3, and I’ll need Book 4 to properly explain myself.

But an ending to this series doesn’t mean these characters won’t pop up somewhere else along the way.  They do have a tendency to operate without my permission.  So who knows?

I will also be launching a new series in 2014, but I will not disclose the name as of yet due to my deplorable ability to come up with a proper series name.  I promise to consult Lady Josephine, my writing partner, on a solid name for this new series.  So the two books in this series to be released in 2014 are:

  • His Unlikely Lady
  • Her Persistent Lover

This series starts off with the tale of two brothers born in the wrong order.  The older brother wants nothing to do with the title he has inherited, choosing instead to earn a title he rightly deserves, that of rogue, while the younger brother would do anything he could to get a title if only to win the hand of the duke-hunting woman he has loved since the moment he first saw her.  But these heroes will do anything to capture the happiness they think they seek.

So there you have it.  Those are the four titles you can expect from me this year, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of some short stories or even novellas popping into the mix.  You just never know when my characters will demand a story.

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  1. Eileen Sullivan

    I love any historical that has three things, a duke, a spy, and the fact that it is a series. I adore the Spy Series and am in love with the characters you’ve created. Carry on and good luck, your 2014 schedule seems incredibly busy.

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