What’s Next?

March 12, 2014

I am absolutely stunned by the responses I get from readers.  This time it only took 8 days between releasing A Countess Most Daring and receiving my first inquiry as to when the next book was coming!  I say this is stunning, because when I started this self publishing journey, I never expected anyone to even read these stories.  And to get inquiries 8 days after release as to when the next one is coming is just magical.  So thank you, awesome readers, for loving my stories as much as I do.

So as for what’s next:

I have several projects that I’m working on at the moment.  To see what kind of progress I’m making always check out the word meters over there to the right of this blog post.  They’ll let you know how I’m doing.  But here’s a quick run down.

Shake Down Your Ashes

This is actually not a romance.  It’s considered a novel with romantic elements.  I wrote it almost ten years ago, and I received a lot of positive feedback on it at the time, so I brought it out the other day and dusted it off.  It’s a story set in 1900, the coming of age of America when the colony became the colonizer.  It grapples with the struggle of two individuals and their attempt to assimilate in the ever changing world around them by taking the first person narrative throughout the text.  That means the story is told in the first person from two different characters’ points of view.  It was very enjoyable to write and pushed me as a writer.  That is why I’m publishing it now.  It’s just going through some fine tuning as we speak, and it should be released in May 2014.

To Save a Viscount

I’m fairly certain no one is waiting for this book to come out.  (That was sarcasm.)  I’ve already plotted the first three chapters, and the basic storyline is underway.  This is very important because I am a plotter.  I need to have the whole story written before I even sit down at a keyboard.  So it’s a good thing that I already have three chapters plotted and a basic storyline developed.  For those of you who have finished A Countess Most Daring, any ideas as to who our next hero and heroine are?  I may run a contest on this blog this month to see if someone can guess.  I left it pretty wide open, but I will give you a hint: you have met both the heroine and hero in previous novels.

The Unpredictable Trilogy

I’m hard at work on two novels in this trilogy at the same time.  We are looking at a late 2014/early 2015 release for these.  I’ve taken a spin away from suspense, and you’ll find a much more comedic turn in these novels.  The same romance and flair for the unexpected that you found in the Spy Series is still there.  Just not so much espionage.

So those are the four things I’m working on all at the same time.  This cartoon sums up my frame of mind quite nicely.

Source: someecards
Source: someecards


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