What Would Jane Do?

September 20, 2013

princessgigiblogOk, my loyal readers, I’m throwing this question out to you!

I’m having trouble coming up with an appropriately good title for Jane and Richard’s story, so I’m leaving it up to my readers.

What should I title the prequel to the Spy Series, Jane and Richard’s story?  Remember this is before Jane and Richard have wed.  Jane’s abusive first husband has just died.  By society’s standards, she is a widow in mourning, but she has secretly loved the Duke of Lofton for years.  But while she can embrace her love for this man, she is unable to contemplate marrying again.  What will it take for her to become the Duchess of Lofton?

Throw your ideas at me by leaving a comment here.  I’ll announce the official title on Monday, September 23rd, so get commenting!

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