Warning: Housekeeping Happening Here

March 21, 2013

So I try to be the all star wife.  Not going to lie.  But there are some days, when I do this.

“Honey, will you please vacuum?”

It’s not that I mind vacuuming, and I honestly do try to vacuum regularly on account of the pooch shedding.  But sometimes, I am the first person to realize when someone does something better than me.  And my husband is awesome at vacuuming.  Yes, be jealous, all you wives out there.  My husband rocks the vacuum.

But vacuuming aside, the point of this blog is to get people up to speed on the happenings of Someday Lady Publishing.  Apparently, it’s a lot harder to get your own business running than I imagined when I set up my business plan in January.  Add to that your dad having another stroke on you when he’s hundreds of miles away, and let’s face it.  I quite simply got off plan.

So here it is.

The first novel is in rewrite now.  (That means my editor went through it once already and pointed out all the places where I was just a plain silly writer.)  The business name will be registered with the great state of New Hampshire on Friday, and then I can apply for a federal tax ID number, so THEN I can finally self-publish online!  It seems easy, doesn’t it?

But allow me to share again my Facebook post from yesterday in case you missed it.

Here is where I am in this whole writing thing:


Except the bagel has peanut butter on it.  And maybe Nutella.

But sign up for my newsletter.  I spent the weekend working on the cover for my book, and when you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get to see it before the book is released!  So sign up now!

And a bonus?  I’ll be revealing in my newsletter where/when you can get a sneak peak of the soon to be announced first release.  Sign up now!

Thank you.

I shall be returning to the floor now where I will pound my forehead into the cold tile, grasping my bagel with very last bit of energy I possess.

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