To Save a Viscount and Son of a Duke: Reynolds

April 30, 2015

Son of a Duke: Book One of the Spy Series

It was that moment that Alec’s bumbling butler came careening down the hall from the back of the kitchen.
“Is everything all right, my lord?” Reynolds gasped, his rotund belly heaving with the exertion of sprinting down the hallway.
“Quite all right, Reynolds.  You may return to your business.”
But Reynolds did not move.
“Lady Stryden,” he said, bowing in Sarah’s direction.  “It is wonderful to see you again.  Might we be enjoying your company for a suitable length of time?”

To Save a Viscount: Book Four of the Spy Series

Spy Series Swag PackHe hadn’t realized he had spoken aloud until his newly acquired butler cleared his throat nervously behind him.  Jack turned his head in the direction of the doors that led back into the house.  Reynolds was a small man, and Jack had rather liked how precisely he did up his waistcoat to match the line of his cravat.  After so many years in the navy, Jack liked a man of precision.
“What is it, Reynolds?” Jack finally asked after the small man hesitated for too long on the threshold.
“You have a caller, my lord,” Reynolds said, and Jack automatically opened his mouth to correct him as he had done so often in recent days.

The History

I’ve been poking fun at myself lately on the #TBT posts, so here’s another. I apparently like butlers named Reynolds. That’s really all to say on this one.

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