To Be a Duke: The Land Steward

April 2, 2015

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Alec’s look of concern had not cleared by the time Richard turned back and took the missive from him. Scanning the letter, Richard frowned.
“Another infestation in the turnip crop,” Richard mumbled as he read through his steward’s letter. “He is not certain where the infestation started or what may have caused it.” Richard looked up. “The tenants need the turnip crop for wintering the livestock. If it fails again this year, there will not be enough in reserves to get the animals through the winter.”

The History

Who sent this letter to Alec? The land steward, of course. The land steward was the highest ranking servant on an estate and often times, was the son of a minister, a businessman, or perhaps, an attorney himself. The land steward would manage an estate when the titled owner was not present, and as estates were often huge, more than one land steward may have been employed.

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