The Writing Blogs I Follow as an Author

May 30, 2017

Last week I talked about the podcasts I listen to for writing tips and market updates as an independent author, so this week, I thought I’d talk about the blogs I follow. There are some real gems in this list, so enjoy!

Helping Writers Become Authors

I stumbled upon this blog because the writer behind it literally wrote the book (Structuring Your Novel) that changed my life as a writer. I’m talking about the K.M. Weiland. If you don’t know who she is, you have not pushed yourself as a writer. This blog provides nearly daily insights into writing life, writing struggles, and writing joys that propel me forward and make me want to be a better writer. Absolutely worth every moment spent reading it and checking out all of the amazing writing tips and tools she shares on her site as well.

Anne Janzer

This blog was a lovely Twitter discovery. (I love Twitter, don’t you?) Janzer takes an entirely different and refreshing approach to reading and providing writing tips in an easily digestible manner. I mean, very easily digestible. I think that’s what I love most about this blog. It delivers so much punch in such a little package. If you’re looking to take your writing for a new spin, check out this blog.

Bob Mayer

Do I even need to put this on the list? Aren’t we all assuming everyone reads his blog? If you’re not, you need to get on the bandwagon. Mayer is a fantastic resource for independent authors because he’s been on both sides of the fence, indie and traditional publishing. His no nonsense approach to the writing business cuts deep and again, provides a new look at a business that grows old quickly. Watch out for this blog.

The Creative Penn

Yes, I know Joanna Penn was mentioned in the last post about podcasts, but I love her blog, too! This site is jam packed with so many helpful writer tools, writing tips, and insights, you could spend hours soaking it all in. I find myself going back again and again to various resources on Penn’s site and finding a new take on an old obstacle every time. Also, who else is super excited for the new edition of How To Market a Book?

Your turn – what blogs do you find helpful as an author or for filling your creative well?



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