The Windmills of the Mind

March 7, 2013


I’ve been doing a lot of self improvement lately.  I started off the year with this awesome idea to self publish, and from there, everything went spiraling out of control.  It’s a good out of control, like the one you get the moment the roller coaster slows at the top of the first plunge and you feel the tilt of the seat beneath you even out until the moment you no longer feel the seat because you’re plunging through the air.  It’s that out of control.

And while I ponder the out of control-ness, I’m reminded of the original version of The Thomas Crowne Affair and its theme song, Windmills of Your Mind.  The windmills of my mind are caught in a hurricane, and the forecast is not good.  (This theme song did win an Oscar for best original song, so maybe all hope is not lost.)

But no matter what I do I never feel like I’m ahead in this self-publishing game.  The instructor of one of the classes I’ve taken recently warned us novice self pubbers that we would always feel like we weren’t doing enough, so I’ve tried not to take it to heart.  I’ve tried to let make myself understand that it’s not just me.  That all self pubbers have the same doubts.

But I would recommend a plan, and that’s the purpose of my latest class.  Here I need to make a shout out Hearts of Carolina Romance Writers and the amazing classes they offer.  When I convince my husband to move to one of the Carolinas, I will be signing up for a membership in this group even before I get my new driver’s license.  This class is supposed to give me a plan.  So I hope, dear readers, to give you some feedback at the end of this process when the first ebook is up and rocking on what to do and not to do should you venture into this world one day.

But for now, just wallow in that song that I’ve now managed to get stuck in your head by mentioning another theme song that you’ve never even heard of.

You’re welcome.

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