#tbt: Why Traveling is Important in Historical Research

September 22, 2016

#TBT Writing HistoryI visit the places I write about.  Seems like a luxury, right?  Um, no.  My writing partners take all of my money.  I mean, have you seen them?  I might as well just give them my royalty checks.

I visit the places I can get to that will add invaluable dimension to my reading.  My number one travel destination?

New York City.

Lady Barks-a-lot resents the accusation that she is high maintenance.
Lady Barks-a-lot resents the accusation that she is high maintenance.

My current work in progress takes place in Gilded Age and 1920s New York.  Museums and historical societies have taken root in some of the most coveted places for a historical fiction author.  Shout outs to the Tenement Museum (a preserved New York City Lower East Side tenement) and the Museum of the American Gangster (a preserved speakeasy!)  Living in New England, I have reasonably easy access to the city, and this provides my writing with a mouth-watering depth.  As a historical author, you should absolutely try your best to get to those places preserved in time that will lend this kind of authenticity to your writing.


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Special shout out to the Bowery Boys,  Greg Young and Tom Meyers.  They put on an amazing podcast (new every two weeks!) that every history lover should be listening to.  Check them out!

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