#TBT: Who You Gonna Call?

January 29, 2015

We’re sticking with our theme of those who serve thanks to Downton Abbey once again gracing us Americans with its presence.

Once more, here’s a bit from the exclusive Spy Series short story sent out last month to my loyal newsletter subscribers.  (Sign up today and I’ll send you your copy!)

To Be a Spy: A Spy Series Short Story

Email 3 booksAnd it was then that Samuel truly wished there were some sort of policing force in London.  Some organization that would maintain order and keep peace in the ever growing city.  But there was no such thing, at least not in an entity that could actually enact change.
Samuel sighed again, listening to the sounds of approaching footsteps, hoping at least one set belonged to a Bow Street runner.
But Samuel’s luck was not with him that day it appeared.  For when the footsteps got close enough for him to look up at the approaching party, he looked directly into the anxious eyes of his mother.
“Bullocks,” Samuel said under his breath.
So was the curse of headstrong women.

The History

Who you gonna call?  Well, you’re not going to call the police because they didn’t exist.  (Was that a bit of foreshadowing in Samuel’s story???)

A police force wasn’t formed in London until the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, and even then, it wasn’t like a police force that you would think of today.  Our short story takes place in 1822.  Hmm, I wonder what this means for our friend, Samuel…

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