#TBT: Underneath Nora’s White Cap

February 26, 2015

Son of a Duke: Book One of the Spy Series

Son of a DukeMiss Quinton spun on her heel, and he moved to follow, watching his feet to avoid tripping over any plant parts, champagne glasses or…was that a shoe?  He collided with her before he could answer his own question.  His body weighing a great deal more than hers sent them both sprawling.  He wrapped his arms around her waist hoping to roll her on top of him, keeping her from landing directly on the floor and everything that littered it.  He landed on an urn and spun backwards over it.  Landing quite solidly on his back, he tried to roll to gentle the impact, tucking Miss Quinton quite nicely under him.  He came up on his elbows before squishing her.  A plant frond had become affixed to her white cap and more hair had fallen down around her face.  It was brown, he decided.  No, it was definitely red.

The History

Nora loses her cap a lot in these opening scenes, but in the original version, she lost it a lot more.  Thank God for editors.  But the history underneath Nora’s cap is simple: maids wore little white caps on their heads.  It didn’t necessarily need to be white, but it often was.  And maids wore them.  It was common in this time period for their to be a hat or cap or bonnet for every occasion for women, and the white cap Nora wears could have been found on a female servant in a household at the time the story opens.

Nora should have just been better about keeping it on her head.

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