#TBT: The Serpentine

March 12, 2015

To Save a Viscount: Book Four of the Spy Series

To Save a Viscount“My parents-“ she said, and then she said nothing else as a curricle came out of no where, racing toward them with a speed unwise on most cultivated roads, let alone a footpath. The horses pulling the vehicle seemed possessed as the driver on the seat sat hunched in a sea of dark cloak, his face hidden from them.
Reacting in the moment without a thought as to what it might look like, Margaret dropped her parasol, freeing both hands to latch onto the viscount.
“I do beg your pardon,” she said.
And just as the runaway curricle would have struck them both, Margaret jumped backward, tumbling them both into the Serpentine.

The History

I use the Serpentine a lot in my books in case you didn’t notice.  Sarah threw Alec’s watch in the Serpetine in For Love in the Earl, and I let it have a come back in the fourth book here.  The Serpentine is a body of water in Hyde Park, but while the name suggests a curving river, it’s actually just a lake.  And even more, it refers to only a portion of the body of water near Kensington Gardens.  But as anything in a Regency romance, it takes on a life of its own once it becomes a part of romance novel lore.

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