#TBT: The Paid Companion

January 22, 2015

Once again, we’re sticking with our homage to Downton Abbey, and talking about another interesting tidbit about the exclusive Spy Series short story released to newsletter subscribers last month.  (Remember, you can sign up here to receive the short story in case you missed it!)

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Standing not four feet behind Lady Witherspoon was the most beautiful woman Samuel had ever seen.  She was young, perhaps only a year or two older than him.  Her face was all delicate lines and soft angles, with a spray of freckles over her nose.  Her almond shaped eyes slanted downward in the middle, giving her the most compelling stare he had ever seen on a woman and driving in him a most inappropriate response.  Her hair was a blazing red, tucked neatly under her bonnet but with enough exposed to taunt him into wondering what the rest of it looked like.
But her eyes.
His gaze returned to her eyes again and again, their color a mesmerizing hue somewhere between green and blue.  And he fell into them, fell into the enticing pool of her eyes until he was sure he had touched her soul.
And then taking a breath, he wondered what the hell was the matter with him.
“This is my companion,” Lady Witherspoon said then, “Miss Penelope Paiget.”

The History

Yep, that was a legit job.  Paid companions were exactly as the job title stated: paid to hang out with a certain family member, usually a female who was either unmarried, of an advanced age, or both.  And they were just paid to be there.  Some companions were pressed to act as nurses while others were just expected to be there, perhaps acting as a chaperone at times.

Here’s how a paid companion was different from a regular servant:

  • They were not considered servants.
  • They had to be at the same class level or a little below the person they worked for.

Read On

*I’ve read this.  It’s awesome.

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