#TBT: The Gardening Society

May 7, 2015

To Save a ViscountLionel Weatherby, the Earl of St. John, was droning on about soil composition and the addition of manure to one’s field to cultivate abundant blooms. It was a topic that Jack felt had been over researched when it came to personal gardeners’ attempts at creating rich soil, but perhaps, Jack had just mastered his own mixture to his satisfaction. He saw a few new chaps in the group that afternoon, and he hoped they were learning something from the exhausting lecture.


The History

I knew Jack was a gardener as soon as he popped into my head, but I wanted to assert that he was an avid gardener interested in the scientific side of the pursuit. For that reason, I had Jack be a member of the Gardening Society, a society based on the very real Royal Horticultural Society. The Royal Horticultural Society began as a charitable society, originally called the Royal Horticultural Society of London, in 1804 with the mission to promote all aspects of horticulture. I could have used this organization itself for Jack to be a member of, but the organization’s focus was charity. And as evidenced in Jack’s character, he’s done helping other people at the beginning of To Save a Viscount. So having him be a member of this society wouldn’t be true to character. Luckily as writers, we get to make some stuff up.

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