#TBT: The First Floor

March 5, 2015

To Be a Spy: A Spy Series Short Story

Spy SeriesShe must be there. She must. Perhaps he was just not looking hard enough.
But it was during an intense debate on the use of the Latin in certain instances of scholarly study, that Samuel caught a flash of movement in the corridor. It was the briefest of glances, but he knew that line of nose, that curve of mouth, and enticingly, that flash of red. But the glimpse was gone in a moment as the woman he sought left.
She simply left.
Through the buzz of conversation filling the drawing room in which the breakfast guests had been ushered to wait for the commencement of the meal, Samuel heard the distinctive clip clop of feet going down stairs and the unmistakable opening of a door.
So he did what any member of the Black family would do.
He followed her.

The History

One did not take tea on the ground floor during the Regency era.  How gauche.  Formal drawing rooms were on the second floor, but in England, it would have been called the first floor.  Usually consisting of the front and middle rooms, drawing rooms would have folding doors separating them to make one large space in which to receive guests.  Thus the reason Samuel would need to follow Penelope down the stairs and out the front door.

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