#TBT: Pinterest for History Lovers

August 20, 2015

I have boards riddled with recipes I’ll never make, home improvement projects I’ll never do, and books far too many of which I will just never have time to read.

Sound familiar?

But the one thing I always visit on Pinterest are the boards historical fiction authors create of the research sources they’ve used.

Great idea, right?  And a perfect way to procrastinate for history lovers.

There are two such types of boards: image boards and book boards.  Let’s dig in.

Image Boards

Image Board for Historical Research
A board I created to host images I find of New York City in the 1880s for a work in progress.

Often times writers will look for images from the period where their story is set in order to garner a real visual knowledge of what they are writing.  I’m working on a piece that plays out in New York City in the 1880s and 1920s.  I created a board on Pinterest where I pinned images from the City during those time periods.

This kind of tool is used when I really want a visual of the setting, a period piece of clothing or an object central to the plot.  Writers use such visuals to really get into the time period where the story unfolds.

You can visit my Pinterest image board here and learn more about an upcoming project.

Historical Research Book Boards

Historical Research Book Board
A Pinterest board I created to organize historical research on an upcoming series.

Sometimes what I’m looking for is actual history.  What are the facts.  In other words, I need a book to tell me what went down during a certain time period.  For that I create book boards to house links to the books I have read and want to read for research purposes.

These boards act as a sort of reading to do list or a reminder list of the topics I’ve already covered.  When creating the world for a series such as the one I’m working on that is set in two different time periods, these boards help historical writers keep research in order.

Explore Pinterest to discover other great writers and the research they’ve used in their work.  Author Jessica Cale has boards dedicated to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

These Pinterest boards are a great way to keep readers engaged between books as well.  So whether you’re a history lover or a fan of the author, check out these Pinterest boards to learn a little more about your favorite authors and the stories you love.

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