#tbt: Only the Best Metals for Thieves, Not Burglars

July 14, 2016

#TBT Writing HistoryAn interesting tidbit I picked up while researching the Victorian era is one I could not help but stick into my current work in progress.  It’s such a minor thing that one could miss, it all but begged to be a pivotal point in a mystery.  So I made it one.

Thieves in this era, distinguished for burglars because burglary was only a crime committed after 9pm, would often enter a home with the intent to steal precious metals.  You would think that one would go after the jewels in an upper class home.  Hollywood and sensational novels have given us the idea of legendary jewel thieves, stealing millions and millions in precious jewels.  But in Victorian times, that just wasn’t the case.

Thieves were after the silver and other precious metals that could be handed over to a fence within moments of leaving the violated home and dumped into vats to be melted down before the evidence could be discovered.  Criminals were getting smarter in the Victorian era as the development of the detective demanded they do so.  So it was to the silver thieves went and not the diamonds if only to better cover up their crimes.

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