#TBT: It’s June 1815 and What is the Kingdom of Naples?

June 18, 2015

A Countess Most DaringThis month we’re talking about the research behind A Countess Most Daring, 200 years after the events in the story take place.  Last week, we talked about Joachim Murat, Napoleon’s brother-in-law and named King of Naples, which leads us to this week’s post…

What is the Kingdom of Naples?

This is probably the most relevant point of this book for modern day readers, as we think of Italy as one, united country.  In 1815, it was anything but as many separate countries made up the boot.  Naples was one such country, and Murat was named king of it in 1808 by his brother-in-law, Napoleon, as Nappie made his conquests across Europe.  Italy had had a turbulent history of being conquered and divided by foreign powers and to really mix it up, you also had papal holdings to do deal with.  To put it quite simply, foreign powers were constantly invading and influencing the make up of Italy by dividing the country into kingdoms or sometimes republics that would last sometimes mere months before being redrawn.  In June 1815, Kate and Thatcher happen to land in the Kingdom of Naples.

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