#TBT: Gaming Hells

December 4, 2014

Son of a Duke Cover Newsletter 052413Son of a Duke: Book One of the Spy Series

The Four of Clubs looked like something a cat had retched out of its stomach.
Mold oozed from around the stones that constructed its base as they were constantly blasted with salt watery air.  The door was large, wooden, cracked and tilting to one side.  The windows that were on the front were blacked out with dark material.  A man, limping on a wooden stick, missing one leg and with a coat torn around the hem, knocked on the door and waited.  The door opened a crack, and the man with one leg spoke.  The door opened wide enough to let him shuffle in.
Nathan and Alec leaned away from the window of the carriage.

The History

If you’ve read a Regency romance, you’ve likely encountered the term gaming hell.  A gaming hell is essentially what it sounds like: a gambling house.  It usually included a Hazard table, a game which would later turn into Craps.  Some gambling houses were quite nice, and titled gentlemen frequented them to place wagers.  It was all very posh.  To read some first hand accounts of gambling houses, I discovered a delightful blog called The Risky Regencies, and they have a great post on gaming hells with first hand accounts.  But I needed Alec and Nathan to go in search of Samuel in a place far less posh in order to stir up a little more trouble.  So the Four of Clubs gaming hell was a little unsavory.

Read On

Gambling was an accepted pastime in Regency England.  Find out more in John Ashton’s text.

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