#TBT: Dover

March 26, 2015

For Love of the Earl: Book Two of the Spy Series

For Love of the Earl: Book Two of the Spy SeriesEven at this late hour, there was activity on the docks, but not the kind of activity that welcomed genteel company. Alec kept his arm around Sarah as they made their way swiftly to the shore road where they could pick up a hackney that would take them away from this docks. Nathan and Nora moved ahead of them, a distinct distance between them as Nora clearly looked every inch a man and somewhat threatening in her authoritative walk. His brother had most certainly gotten himself a remarkable woman.
They gained purchase on the shore road, and the traffic moved swiftly past them, carrying gentlemen to and fro as they made their way from gaming hell to gaming hell and then to brothel. Alec’s arm tightened again.
“If you squeeze anymore, I shall shatter,” Sarah said, and he loosened his arm immediately.
Out of the flow of traffic, a carriage suddenly appeared before them, and Alec had never been so happy to see the colors of the Duke of Lofton. Nora was opening the door even as Nathan jumped up on the box with the driver. Alec did not hesitate. He swept his wife up into his arms and boarded the carriage. The door shut with a snap, and Alec caught a flash as Nora swung onto the tiger’s step at the rear. And then the carriage was moving.
“That must be the best damn housekeeper I have ever met.”
Alec looked down at his wife as she sat cradled in his arms, raising his eyebrows at her indelicate words.
“I would have to agree with you, Lady Stryden. I would have to agree with you indeed.”
And then he just held her as the carriage raced through the traffic of Dover, taking them away from the things which threatened the happiness they so recently found.

The History

Dover is obviously a port city in England, but it’s significance in this story is that Dover was always a strategic port due to its geographic proximity to France.  During the Napoleonic Wars, Dover would have been a key port when defending the Channel against the French and any smuggling activity.  Which in turn makes it a great choice for smuggling out English noblemen like Alec.

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