#TBT: Bloomsbury

March 19, 2015

To Be a Spy: A Spy Series Short Story

Spy Series“Then would you care to do something daring?” he asked, and his words sent a thrill through her she had never felt before in her life.
The very sane and proper part of her said to adamantly refuse the man while another part of her sang with joy at having the option of doing something daring.
So that was why she said, “Yes, I would love to,” before her proper self could object.
Mr. Black smiled and began walking again, his pace more purposeful and direct than it had been, and she focused to keep up with him.
They walked in silence for several blocks before crossing over into Bloomsbury and stopping in front of a small establishment from which enticing aromas drifted into the street.
“What is this place?” she asked.
“A coffee house,” Mr. Black said, his smile reminding her of a child who had just been given a sweet.

The History

London was made up of an interesting mix of highly segregated neighborhoods in the Regency.  Most of the fashionable ton lived around the neighborhood of Mayfair by the “park.”  (Hyde Park.)  But at the turn of the 19th century, the “middle class” (i.e. doctors and lawyers) began to make up the neighborhood of Bloomsbury.  In the time of To Be a Spy, Bloomsbury would have been an acceptable neighborhood in which to escort a young lady such as Penelope.

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