#tbt: A Little Arsenic in Your Beauty Regimen

June 30, 2016

#TBT Writing HistoryI’ve moved into the Victorian era in my research, and I think it necessary for historians to label the entire era with a giant warning: freaky stuff happened here!

In my recent romp through Liz Picard’s Victorian London, I stumbled on several unsettling facts.  The first of which I’ll be describing here my leave you a bit twitchy in your seat.

Arsenic was commonly used in a beauty regimen for women.  It was believed that arsenic would alleviate women of the most horrible of curses: FRECKLES!

As someone who does not tan but rather watches her freckles connect, I was struck with an image of myself, running precariously down dangerously uneven cobblestone streets, hiking my crinolines as I fled from a crowd of angry women wielding bottles of arsenic.

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