Son of a Duke: Return to Stryden Place

April 23, 2015

Son of a Duke: Book One of the Spy Series

Son of a DukeIt was a quite difficult task for as Lady Stryden, or Sarah rather, led her deeper into the bowels of what she was learning was called Stryden Place she began to feel more and more out of sorts.  She longed for a chambermaid to instruct or Hawkins to placate or Samuel to smile at her and make her forget everything that surrounded her.  If only Samuel were there, she would not have left Gregenden House and the only life she ever knew.  She would not now be wondering what was happening to her son and worse, how she was to care for him when Nathan brought him back to her.

The History

Because I am truly enjoying poking fun at myself, here is another one. Anybody else notice that Stryden Place just disappears after the first book? Poof! No more house for Sarah and Alec. From here on, I simply refer to Lofton House. Poor Alec and Sarah. (This is another argument in favor of a series bible.)

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