Saturday Slush Pile

April 19, 2014

Hello, wonderful readers, and welcome to the new Saturday Slush Pile.  For those of you not familiar with the publishing biz, the slush pile is where unsolicited manuscripts go in an editor’s office.  So I’ve named this new blog feature the slush pile because it’s where I plan to put all the stuff that I can’t figure out where it should go.  Kind of like the back page of a newspaper.

heartSo welcome to the first edition of the slush pile.  Here are today’s topics:

  • No Love from Facebook: why you need to sign up for my blog and newsletter if you want to know what’s going on with me and my scribbles
  • Introducing the Friday Fast 5: bringing more authors to my readers
  • In the news: Book trailers, who knew they could be this exciting?
  • Blog to Follow: Regency Reader
  • The Week in Social Media: what you missed on my social media channels

No Love from Facebook

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  Facebook doesn’t love us.  Due to recent changes in their algorithms (the thing that determines what shows up in your news feed), you may no longer see posts from me despite the fact that you have liked my page.  Sad but true.  So in response, I will still be posting to Facebook, but I encourage you to sign up for my newsletters and my blog.  These are two different subscriptions, and I will be sending out different information in each.  You can sign up for my newsletter at the top of my homepage.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up to receive blog notifications.  I’m terribly sorry it needs to be this way, but I do want you to continue to receive information from me.  So sign up!

And don’t forget, the world doesn’t revolve around Facebook.  You can also find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads.  Check out the social stickers to the right of this blog post to get links directly to my pages on these social media sites.

Introducing the Friday Fast 5

Something I’m passionate about is introducing readers to other writers.  I have discovered so many wonderful writers thanks to suggestions by friends.  So I’m happy to introduce a new feature on my blog called the Friday Fast 5.  Every Friday, I will ask a different writer to answer 5 questions about themselves and give you links to one of their books.  I hope you’ll discover your next favorite author.

In the News: Book Trailers

This is a relatively new term in the biz: book trailers.  When I first started writing many years ago, this was not even a thing.  But after popping up recently on the USA Today: Happy Ever After blog, they really caught my attention.  I felt like I was sitting in a packed movie theater watching the trailer for the newest upcoming summer blockbuster.  I was just missing the popcorn.  Don’t miss out on these great book trailers.  Just remember your popcorn.

Blog to Follow: Regency Reader

I follow many blogs to stay up on things happening in the writiRegency Readerng world, particularly with romance, and as I was reading through several of the blogs that I follow this week, I thought, I bet my readers would love to know about these places.  So here’s one for you to check out: Regency Reader.  My to-be-read list is endless as I’m sure yours is as well.  So why not let Regency Reader help you refine your selections.  Don’t miss their excellent reviews on all things romance!

This Week on Social Media

As previously mentioned, you may not be seeing my posts on Facebook, so in the Saturday Slush pile, I will share a couple of interesting tidbits that showed up in social media during the week.  Click the photo to follow any links mentioned in the post.

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