Now Available: Shake Down Your Ashes

June 17, 2014

Shake Down Your Ashes, a Historical Fiction NovellaNow Available:

Shake Down Your Ashes

A Historical Novella

She is an unwed woman traveling alone.  He is a widower trying to find the peace he’s never had.  Each carrying a secret of their own to the small inn by the lake nestled in the remote hills of upstate New York, Irene Bell and James Abernathy unexpectedly meet on May 25, 1900.  Having come to the inn to find nothing but solace, they find instead a confrontation of wills that ignites into something more when they witness an unsavory act by a fellow guest.  But when a stranger appears at the inn, both must face a reality neither has wanted to allow.

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2 thoughts on “Now Available: Shake Down Your Ashes”

  1. judy seward

    Just bought it. Can’t wait to read it.

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