My 3 Favorite Places to Find Book Deals

January 4, 2017

To Save a Viscount Regency RomanceDid you unwrap a Kindle at Christmas?  Ready to convert to the dark side of ebooks?  I converted to a Kindle years ago, but happily continue to read paperbacks on occasion.  But what I really love is reading books on my phone!  I read anywhere.  Standing in line.  Sitting in a waiting room.  Listening in on an annoying conference call…. You get the idea.  So the next thing you need to know now that you’ve figured out how to charge the thing and turn it on is where to find the best deals.  Here are my top 3 favorite book deal blogs.

Free Kindle Books and Tips

I love FKBT both as an author and a reader.  A lovely gent named Michael Gallagher runs the blog, and he’s ruthless about picking the best quality deals for his subscribers.  You sign up to get daily book deals delivered right to your inbox.  If you want some deals right now, don’t forget to browse through the blog.  Great deals are always available.

Ereader News Today

Again, this is a book deal daily email with supreme quality vetting.  All fantastic selections across a wide spectrum.  The curators of this daily email blast have a keen eye for what their readers are looking for.  Make sure you sign up for this one!


If you don’t like to clutter your inbox with emails, then skip right to this one.  This is the behemoth of daily book deal emails.  My bank account cringes in stupefied respect for the power of the Bookbub daily email.  This is where all of the truly great deals live, so sign up…like yesterday.

Your turn – what daily book deal blogs do you like?

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