My 3 Favorite Audiobook Narrators

July 11, 2017

I heart audiobooks. I get a sense of loss and bereavement when I finish an audiobook performed by a narrator I love because I will no longer be hearing his or her voice. I know. I’ve got it bad. So here are three of my favorite audiobook narrators.

Jim Dale

If you have not listened to the Harry Potter books in audio format, you have not lived. I remember when the last Harry Potter book came out. If you pre-ordered, Jim Dale called your cell phone and left a voicemail saying when your pre-order would be available. I’m not kidding. I pre-ordered just for that reason. This summer I’m treating myself to re-listening to all of these audiobooks as they hold a special association for summer with me. My dad first introduced me to Harry Potter through the audiobooks. We would listen to them on our annual summer road trip to fish in the Adirondacks. Jim Dale is my patronus.

Aimée Bruneau

I get very, very, very bad motion sickness on airplanes. So bad in fact, my hubby likes to pretend we’re not traveling together. I not only get motion sickness, but I have vertigo and orientation issues due to nerve palsy in one of my eyes, and on our last plane ride, I became completely disoriented for three hours. Luckily I fell asleep before I embarrassed anyone. But to distract myself from the impending doom, I listen to the House on Tradd Street series narrated by Aimée Bruneau. It’s that comforting. It’s better than a warm bath, a cozy blanket, or your momma’s cooking. I think this narrator is the reason I fell so hard for the Tradd Street series. She really brings Jack to a whole new level.

Kate Reading

This is a recent favorite of mine. As in, I finished the first book I listened to narrated by her last week. It was the first in the Lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas, and while the story was a struggle, I couldn’t stop listening because of the narrator. And then I was so glad I did! Because holy crap did the book get amazing! I will definitely be picking up more audiobooks narrated by this amazing artist.

Now that I’ve given you three of my favorite audiobook narrators, I get to do some shameless adoration for my absolutely all-time favorite narrator….

Rachael Beresford

If you don’t know who Rachael Beresford is, you haven’t been paying attention. The amazing and talented Beresford brought the Spy Series to life. I was hesitant at first to produce audio versions of my books, because a narration can go so incredibly wrong. And after hearing some of the first auditions for my books, I got very worried. Until I heard Rachael’s audition. She got it. She got the characters. She got the tone. She got the story. Even more, she got what the story was meant to be. Haven’t heard Rachael perform a story? I think I can recommend one or two for you to try.

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