Looking Ahead to What’s Next for Jessie Clever, the Spy Series (Who Said It Was Over?), and 2015

December 16, 2014

You usually don’t hear from a writer when they are working really, really hard, and that is what I’ve been doing, my readers!  Working very hard on a couple of special projects.  So I thought it was time to let you know what is ahead for Jessie Clever, the Spy Series and everything else I have planned for 2015.

So here it goes.

The Future of the Spy Series and Why You Should Sign Up For My Newsletter

As many of you may have seen, I posted this lovely little explanation on Facebook as to the future of Jessie Clever on this social media site.

facebook rantAs a business owner, I understand what Facebook is doing.  As a writer who really enjoyed connecting with her readers on Facebook, I am very sad to let this community go.  So I am making a promise to you, my dear reader.

More newsletters in 2015 with more exclusive content.

What does this mean?  It means sign up for my newsletter on my homepage immediately because I will be sending all of my newsletter subscribers a very, very special Christmas present.  What kind of present you might ask?

An exclusive Spy Series short story introducing the next generation of spies.  (Did you really think I was going to let that series die?)

I’m not kidding.  Lady Jane promised her granddaughter at the end of To Save a Viscount to teach her about spying.  In this exclusive short story going out to all newsletter subscribers on Christmas Day, we’ll see if Jane kept her promise.  Sign up today if you are not already a newsletter subscriber!

What’s Next?

Recently, I became addicted to some really great TV shows thanks to time spent on the treadmill at the gym.  And after reading a great post by writer Bob Mayer on why writers should watch TV, I challenged myself to what would turn out to be an extremely tough writing exercise.

I’m writing a contemporary romance novel in the form of 5 episodes to be released throughout the month of January and into February.

It sounded like an awesome idea and one I relished to tackle until I started working on it.  Holy crap is it hard for a novel-length writer to think in terms of episodes.

What does this mean for you my reader?

You can expect 5 new releases from me at the beginning of 2015, each ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 words telling the story of a complete novel in episodes.  The novel is a contemporary romance, which is a change for me, and is titled When She Knows.  Look for more on dates and a cover reveal coming soon!

This novel will be available only on Amazon as installments for the first three months of release.

Yes, I see how this can be shocking.  But let me tell you why this is happening.  Amazon recently introduced a new product called Kindle Unlimited that allows subscribers to borrow (like a library!) from Amazon’s offerings of works held exclusively at Amazon.  What does this mean for me as a writer?  I’ve said time and time again I write because I want people to read my stories, to give people a break from life, and to laugh once in a while.  But because of Amazon’s KU program, I am missing a huge swath of readers.  I am putting this new release exclusively with Amazon to try to reach those readers.  I know Amazon is thought of as the ugly beast striving for world denomination, but here’s the thing.  There are readers out there that love a subscription service, and Jessie Clever’s stories aren’t reaching them.  As a writer, this makes me sad.  So my latest release will be an Amazon exclusive.


2015 is looking to be very, very busy.  But this is what I’m hoping to accomplish.  If all goes well with my episodic endeavor, you will see three contemporary romance novels written in episode format from me.  Their titles are: When She Knows, When She Falls, and When She Dares.  To be honest, the first two are mostly written.  That’s why I’m confident I can get the rest out there in 2015.  You will also see two, hopefully three, historical romances from me in 2015.  That, too, is a trilogy called the Unthinkable Trilogy.  Newsletter subscribers already saw a glimpse of our latest historical romance hero and heroine.  And of course, Spy Series short stories to my newsletter subscribers!

I’m going to say you’ll see another Spy Series full length novel in 2016.  The first Spy Series took me 10 years to write.  So I hope to not take that long at least.

And most importantly, whatever holiday you celebrate, my writing partners and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Historical romance writer Jessie Clever

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