Letters to My Editor: You’re Not the Boss of Me

June 15, 2015

Welcome to a new segment on Romancing a Blog called Letters to My Editor.  In Letters to My Editor, I will be collaborating with (you guessed it!) my editor at How Novel Editing, Kate Homan, to discuss issues that come up between editors and writers and how each approaches a given issue.  We want to give readers and writers a glimpse inside the working relationship between a writer and editor to see what really goes on when I happily say, “The manuscript is off to the editor!” and when the tears come when I say, “I got my edits back,” and everything in between.

So without further ado…

Letters to My EditorDear Kate,

You’re not the boss of me.

I’m tired of you crossing out all my and then‘s because you say they are too much like actual storytelling and not like writing a book.  You can’t combine all of my short sentences into one to make a complete sentence.  I like using short sentences.  Sometimes it shows what the character is going through.  I use short sentences to show agitation.  I do!  A lot.  Stop combining them.  It’s my story, and I get to tell it how I want to.

Why do editors get to take away the voice of the writer?

Isn’t it called creative genius?

e.e. cummings doesn’t even use proper capitals.  Did his editor go wild with the red pen on every poem submitted?  I think not.

Why is it such a struggle between a refined, grammatically correct product and art?



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