Letters to My Editor: I Second That #NaNoWriMo

December 14, 2015

Welcome back to Letters to My Editor, a series of blog posts hashing out the relationship between an author and editor. In this case, my editor, Kate Homan, is my pen pal, and you can catch her latest letter to me at her blog, Long Story Short.

Dear Kate,

Letters to My EditorI wholeheartedly agree with your advice about what to do with a NaNoWriMo manuscript after the fact.  I often set aside manuscripts for a few weeks at a time to gain better perspective on it in the quiet solitude of my mind rather than the busy words of the page.

You also mention the trickiness of getting started again.  I, too, find it difficult to go back to a manuscript to begin the process of revision when in your mind, heart and soul you’ve already done battle with this manuscript and come out the other end the victor.  (Mostly based on the simple fact that you’re still breathing.)

I would add another layer to your excellent advice by saying it’s really an editor’s feedback that gets me going again on a manuscript.  I would let a manuscript flounder and go quiet if not for the positive and constructive work with an editor.  (Wink wink nudge nudge to all our readers.  Kate is also having a tis the season sale, so you know. Get crackin’!) It’s a true treat to work with someone who can so easily refresh your interest in a story to move it to the next level.



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