Letters to My Editor: To Capitalize or Not To Capitalize

June 29, 2015

Welcome back to Letters to My Editor, a series of blog posts hashing out the relationship between an author and editor.  In this case, my editor, Kate Homan, is my pen pal, and you can catch her latest letter to me at her blog, Long Story Short.

Dear Kate,

Letters to My EditorI’m sorry to say this, but you will be seeing one space between my sentences when hell freezes over.  I mean when you learn how to type on a Commodore 64, and this new fangled idea of one space between sentences crops up, the change in atmosphere is too catastrophic to recognize.

Thus, it shall remain two spaces.

Capitals are another beast entirely.

Dare I go back to the days of old with our dear comrade, Jane Austen?  Capitals ran amok back then.  It was as if the writer would use them when she thought it best and not with any sort of eye toward conformity.  What say you on this then?

And what about caps in titles?  How do we determine that?  Is that a nod to the times of old when capitals were given free reign over a manuscript?

Consider me capitally confused.



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