Letters to My Editor: But I Want All the Puppies

August 10, 2015

Welcome back to Letters to My Editor, a series of blog posts hashing out the relationship between an author and editor. In this case, my editor, Kate Homan, is my pen pal, and you can catch her latest letter to me at her blog, Long Story Short.

Letters to My EditorDear Kate,

But I want all the puppies!

Who doesn’t want all the puppies?

But let me toss this back to you in another way.

How does a writer manage multiple deadlines?

People often say to me that they saw this movie about a writer, working in a smoking jacket, slippered feet and lots of coffee in a darkened study, and they wonder if that’s what I look like when I’m writing.

Um, no.

I think the thing that people don’t realize is that writing is a job, and just like any job, a writer is working on multiple projects at one time and managing multiple deadlines.  I’ve relied on to do lists and calendar alerts to keep me focused on what I should be doing, but most of the time, I’m working in isolation.  I hand things off when I’ve finished them.

But how does that work for you?  You never really say as I pass things along, and you just take them.

But honestly, what works best for an editor working with a writer on multiple projects?



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