In the Saturday Slush Pile: Paperback Revolution

April 26, 2014

This week in the Saturday Slush Pile:

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  • Why Whispersync for Voice will rock your world
  • Adventures in Google+
  • In the News: Paperback Revolution
  • Blog to Follow: The Regency Redingote
  • In Social Media: Pie and Pinterest

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April Newsletter

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Why Whispersync for Voice will Rock Your World

This is for all you Kindle users out there.  I’m a voracious reader, and I’m sure that comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.  I’m also a huge audiobook fan.  (Quick recommendation: the Tradd Street Series by Karen White with narrator Aimee Bruneau. I’ve listened to these multiple times just because the narrator is so good.)  But most of the time I have an audiobook going while I’m reading a different book on my Kindle.  While I’m fine with that, sometimes the audiobook is so good, that I want to keep going even when I’m in a situation where I can’t listen to the audio.  Enter Whispersync for Voice.  Basically how this service works is that your audiobook file will sync with the ebook file on your Kindle, so you can go from the audio version to the ebook version and be in the right place and vice versa.  My trial run was with Linda Howard’s Son of the Morning.  It’s currently on sale over at Audible (owned by Amazon), and I had already downloaded the ebook version on my Kindle from another deal.  (Did I mention I like deals on books?)  I had read that the narrator of the audio version was outstanding (she is!), so I downloaded it to try it.  By golly, it works.  My audiobook syncs with my Kindle version and vice versa.  So don’t be afraid to check it out.  Audible lets you download a free book to try out their service, so there’s no risk.

Adventures in Google+

I very reluctantly started a Google+ page, so be sure to add me to your circles.  I say reluctantly because I don’t want to stretch myself too thin in social media world.  I’d rather be dedicated to a few outlets where I can really get to know my readers.  But I heard about the ability to use Google Hangouts with people in my circles, and I thought, virtual book club?  Anyone interested?  Lady Josephine and I would love to be your guest.

In the News: Paperback Revolution

I hear from readers all the time: I need to hold the real book in my hand.  Don’t you have printed copies of your books?  (I do!  They’re available on Amazon.)  The ebook revolution, while sweeping, still missed a few die-hard paperback soles.  So I just want to say, the book revolution has happened before.  And we survived it for the better.  Paperbacks were a whole new concept one man was willing to take a chance on.  Why shouldn’t we embrace the ebook?

Blog to Follow: The Regency Redingote

2014-04-26_0902This is a blog I follow for research for my books, but some of the topics are hilarious.  I encourage you to check it out for the sheer joy of some of its posts.  This blog is dedicated to Georgette Heyer, a very in depth researcher of the history of English culture and society.  Her novels exhibit her research ethic with pristine flair.  The author of this blog also exhibits such panache in her postings on English history.  Simply fascinating.

In Social Media

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