In the Saturday Slush Pile: HarperCollins Welcomes Harlequin

May 3, 2014

In today’s Saturday Slush Pile, we find:

  • A Countess Most Daring free ebook and yeah, it’s finally available in trade paperback
  • Vacation reading and how it never seems to go the way you think
  • In the News: HarperCollins welcomes Harlequin
  • Blog to Follow: Dear Author
  • This Week in Social Media: Tessa Dare, a mising staircase and procrastination

Blog Title Card_edited-1A Countess Most Daring and the Free Ebook Copy

In case you missed it, I’ll say it again (especially because today is the real big day), it’s my Mom’s birthday, and I’m giving away free ebook copies of A Countess Most Daring!  Today is actually my mom’s big day, and I’m due at her dinner table at 6 sharp for pork roast, so I’d better finish this blog post fast!  But in case you haven’t downloaded it yet, stop over at Smashwords and enter the coupon code: BD35H to download whatever format you need in honor of my mom’s big day.  (She’s turning 29 again, can you believe it?)  But hurry, the coupon code expires today!

Happy birthday, Mom!  (Again!)

And in case you were wondering when I would finally get around to formatting it, A  Countess Most Daring is now available in paperback.  They make great end of school year gifts for just about anyone!

Vacation Reading and How it Never Turns Out the Way You Plan

This is actually a topic that popped into my head just recently as I returned from vacation (last night at precisely 10:43pm.  Call me a very tired writer this morning!)  And I had planned to finish a very good book I was reading while in transit to and from said vacation destination when suddenly I became distracted…by all of the unread books on my Kindle.  I’m sitting in the airport, and all of a sudden I’m wondering if there’s wi-fi so I can download another book.  But I’m currently reading a very good book, and somehow the possibility that I will not be able to download a different book has me searching my digital library.  So I need to ask, does anyone else do this?  I’m prone to book hopping, but it’s never as bad as when I’m on vacation.  And I was definitely doing it before the appearance of the Kindle in my life.  I remember a spring break vacation at Myrtle Beach where I brought more books than clothes, and suddenly, I was reading a book that someone else in our party gave to me as soon as she finished reading it.  That book was not in my planned pile!  But there I was reading it.  And I will not even begin to tell you how many books I’ve spontaneously purchased at airport newsstands, but oh, the fabulous things I’ve found there!  So tell me your vacation reading stories in the comments below.  How did a vacation help you discover a new book?

In the News: HarperCollins Welcomes Harlequin

I’m fairly certain no  one in the publishing industry saw this coming, but I’m sure we all saw a change coming from Harlequin.  Harlequin has been sputtering as of late, but the legendary bodice ripper publisher has a new home.  News Corp (HarperCollins parent) has agreed to acquire Harlequin.  Harlequin will fit nicely under the regime of HarperCollins Publishers.  I’ve heard rumors that Harlequins well-known covers and verbose publication schedules will not be going away.  But time will tell what changes will be wrought on this classic romance novel publisher.

Blog to Follow: Dear Author

2014-05-03_1413This is a fabulous blog for many reasons.  Not only does it do terrific book reviews of the latest romance novels from all genres (and I mean ALL genres), but it also includes everything a savvy reader like you would like to know.  You can sign up to receive their daily blasts and always look forward to a little taste of bookworld in your inbox everyday.

This Week in Social Media: Tessa Dare, a missing staircase, and Procrastination

We can’t all be on every social media site all the time, so here are a few highlights from my social media blasts this week.  Click the image to follow the link in the post.

Found on Facebook: my infatuation of Tessa Dare continues…

tessaTweet of the Week: This just cracked me up.  For anyone who has ever dreamed of being a guide on a historical tour, you must read this.

stairsOver on Google+, I’m wallowing in my writing of To Save a Viscount


Happy reading!

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