In the Saturday Slush Pile: Free Ebook and a Film

July 5, 2014

In today’s Saturday Slush Pile:

  • Did you tell your friends to download the free e-copy of Son of a Duke?
  • First Indieversary Giveaway
  • In the News: A film in 48 hours
  • Blog to Follow: The Book Wheel
  • The Week in Social Media: 12 Signs You’re a Book Addict

In the Saturday Slush Pile

Did you tell your friends to download the free e-copy of Son of a Duke?

In celebration of all the men and women in uniform who give their all to protect our freedom, I’m giving away a free e-copy of Son of Duke.  Download it from Smashwords and use coupon code: TB35Z.  The coupon is good until July 7, 2014, so be sure to share it with a friend.  And remember to thank a member of our armed forces!

First Indieversary Giveaway

Have you signed up for my newsletter yet?  Make sure you do, because this month I will be drawing a random person from my newsletter list to win an awesome prize as part of the celebration of my first year as an indie writer.  Sign up for my newsletter at the top of my homepage.  And just to note, my newsletter is different from my blog.  So if you subscribe to the blog, make sure you also sign up for the newsletter.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

In the News: A Film in 48 Hours

Every year I lose my husband for about 3 days.  It’s predictable, and it’s certain.  Every June, I become a single woman for 3 days, as my husband and an amazing group of friends work to make a movie in 48 hours.  Yes, 48 hours.  An entire movie.  You may be scratching your head about this and as to why this should even happen, so here is some background.  It’s a real film contest, and people compete from around the world.

So why am I sharing it on this blog?

Art can happen in the most interesting and unusual places.  What these filmmakers can do in 48 hours is unreal, and I wanted to share that with all of my readers.  Be sure to check out the 48 Hour Film Project website to find the festival in your area and attend the screenings.  Trust me, it’s worth it!

And because I’m slightly bias, I’m sharing the film my husband made.  Enjoy!

A 48 Hour Film
Click to go to YouTube to watch the video!

Blog to Follow: The Book Wheel

The Book WheelI actually just discovered this blog by accident, but it sure looks like fun!  And it was named one of the top ten best book blogs of 2013 by Story CartelThe Book Wheel has everything from reviews to interviews to awesome snippets about things book lovers love.  (Which is books, right?  Unless it’s chocolate.  Chocolate probably comes in a close second.)

The Week in Social Media: 12 Signs You’re a Book Addict

We can’t always be on every social media site every day of the week, so here are a couple of snippets from the week in social media.  Click the image to follow any links.

I’m so guilty of #5…


And I hope you walk into one this weekend.


Happy reading!


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