In the Saturday Slush Pile: First Indieversary Giveaway

June 28, 2014

Today in the Saturday slush pile:

  • Winner of the #tobeaspy contest
  • First Indieversary Giveaway
  • In the News: The fate of ebooks in libraries
  • Blog to Follow: RT Book Reviews
  • The Week in Social Media: a book channel and some yoga

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Winner of the #tobeaspy Contest

A hearty congratulations to reader Brie for winning the #tobeaspy contest.  My excellent writing partners helped in determining the winner.

tobeacontestThank you, everyone, who participated.  The contest was a lot of fun for both me and my writing partners, and I hope you enjoyed it as well.  And because it was so fun, why not have another contest?

First Indieversary Giveaway

July marks one year since I published my first novel, Son of a Duke, and in celebration, I thought I would do a giveaway.  A really fun, big, giveaway.  More details will be coming this week on the prize, but entering is easy.  Sign up for my newsletter by entering your email address in the box at the top of my home page.  Already a newsletter subscriber?  Then you’re already entered to win.  Stay tuned for more details!

In the News: The fate of ebooks in libraries

I have mentioned before on this blog my love for downloading ebooks from my local library, so when I saw this interesting discussion pop up on Publishers Weekly, I had to mention it on the blog.  This article highlights a discussion amongst book gurus at a recent PW executive breakfast.  The discussion is interesting as it argues the benefits between stocking bestsellers and stocking the “long tail” of books, or the backlist of prominent authors.  I want to throw in my own thoughts here, because if my library didn’t stock the backlist of prominent authors, I would never have discovered Karen White.  As a voracious reader I troll all of my library’s offerings and hope to stumble on something that may not be currently on the bestseller list but that’s awesome enough for a read.  So while the argument exists that libraries should spend their budgets on stocking titles that library users want, I side on the other half of the debate.  I’m glad my library spent money on backlist titles, so that I may discover a new title without having to wait for bestseller copies to become available.  What do you think?

Blog to Follow: RT Book Reviews

blogI not only follow the blog, but I subscribe to the magazine, too.  If you haven’t heard of RT Book Reviews, you are missing out.  This fun site is not only about book reviews, but it has fun snippets from the authors you love.  So instead of spending an hour on Pinterest, spend on an hour here and fill up your TBR pile.

This Week in Social Media: a book channel and some yoga

We can’t always be on every social media outlet everyday, so here are some highlights from social media this week.  Just click the image to follow a link in the post.

A book channel!


And I hope you can practice some yoga this weekend.


Happy reading!

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