In the Saturday Slush Pile: #AmazonCart and my WIPs

May 10, 2014

This week in the Saturday Slush Pile:

  • #AmazonCart: blowing through my book budget just got easier
  • My WIPs: a busy week at the keyboard
  • In the news: Tess Gerritsen takes on plagiarism
  • Blog to Follow: MFRW Author Blog
  • This Week in Social Media: Tickles, Discovering New Authors, and Weekend Reading Lists

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Did y’all see this?  Word of it first came to me through one of my writing groups, and at first, I thought, how is this possible?  But I soon realized that when two mega-heads like Twitter and Amazon decide to get together, I’m fairly certain they could accomplish anything.  Even getting Lady Josephine to go outside in the rain to do her business.  What does #AmazonCart do?  It’s brilliant actually.  From a writer’s standpoint.  From a reader’s standpoint, I see my book budget for the month disappearing by day 3.  When cruising through Twitter, if you see something you like with an Amazon link, you can reply to the post with this hashtag, and Amazon will save it to your cart for later.  How cool is that?  It seems a little big brotherish in that Twitter will now know what things you like to buy, but Amazon was already keeping tabs on that anyway.  So what’s one more person knowing?  So as an avid reader I follow a lot of writers on Twitter.  If they post an Amazon link to their book on Twitter, I can reply to that post #AmazonCart, and Amazon will add that book to my cart.  See why my book budget is in danger?

Has anyone tried this yet?  If so, please share in the comments below!


I spent a great deal of time at the keyboard this week, and I suddenly realized how solitary writing can be.  I really plowed through some good stuff this week, but none of my readers know it.  I have word meters on my website (quick look to the right!).  But that just doesn’t seem enough, because there’s more to writing than word count.

This week I dove into a little project that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while.  A historical fiction novella titled Shake Down Your Ashes.  The first draft was already done, and I thought I wouldn’t really do anything with it until I picked it up again and realized it was kind of good.  So I’ve been playing with it this week, and it suddenly sprang into something amazing.  It’s light on romance and somewhat dark.  But the rich history that is prevalent throughout my work is there.  It’s a coming of age story set in 1900 America and focuses on the realities of growing into adulthood when perceptions are dashed by truth.  And there may or may not be a ghost involved.  I’m hoping to release it this month, so stay tuned!

To Save a Viscount, the last installment in the Spy Series, went through some major plot planning this week.  I had the genius idea of having the entire external plot rest on the gardening abilities of one of the characters when I have almost zero gardening abilities.  This week involved a lot of research into gardening, especially English gardens and hybrid cultivation.  You know that phrase, write what you know?  I should really listen to it.  But I’m happy to say that when I finish with the nitty gritty writing of Shake Down Your Ashes this week, I will be able to continue at full speed on the writing of To Save a Viscount now that so much research and outlining has been done!

In the News: Tess Gerritsen takes on plagiarism

This was a story I posted on social media this week because I was stunned when I saw it.  Author Tess Gerritsen is claiming Hollywood stole her story, Gravity, for the movie of the same name.  It’s quite common for author’s works to be stolen in this internet age.  Just ask J.K. Rowling.  But this deal seems a little bit worse, because it’s Hollywood and there was a previous contract in place for the movie rights to Gravity.  This case is just getting started, and there aren’t a lot of facts out there yet, but there are just enough to disturb me.  As a writer myself, you’ll find my works on pirate sites all over the internet.  But that’s not the same as entering a contract deal with a production company for the movie rights to your book, having nothing come of it, and then suddenly see your book on the big screen.  Was Hollywood trying to hoodwink Ms. Gerritsen?  What do you think?

Blog to Follow: MFRW Author Blog

2014-05-10_1048I belong to an awesome group called Marketing for Romance Writers, and this is the blog where they feature their member authors.  Why is this blog awesome?  It’s a great way to discover new romance authors, especially indie and small press authors, that may never have found through traditional means because Amazon algorithms and low shelf space in bookstores prevents wide spread exposure for some of these authors.  So stop in and find your next favorite book.

This Week in Social Media: Tickles, Discovering New Authors, and Weekend Reading Lists

It’s hard to be on every social media site all the time, so here are some snippets from my own social media posts this week.  Click the image to follow the link in the post.

I took a turn on the Exquisite Quills blog this week.

facebookSpeaking of finding new authors on MFRW’s blog…



Happy reading!




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