I Look Forward to Hearing from You

February 29, 2012

Is it technically lying, if by this sentence you actually mean, “I look forward to hearing from you as long as it’s good news”?

I recently received feedback from an editor that I had been going  back and forth with for quite some time, and the feedback was particularly interesting.  I use the word interesting in case some day, in a crazed swoop through cyberspace, said editor should read this.  Interesting is such a vexing word of multiple meanings that said editor could very well pick the most positive one while I mean another one entirely.

The editor told me two things:

1. My writing was too real.

2. My hero’s attention to my heroine was “creepy.”

The first one I found puzzling and the second, dumbfounding.

Now, as a writer, aren’t I not supposed to convey a world that a reader can reach out, grasp with both hands, and shape like Play-Doh?  Should someone telling me my writing is too real be positive feedback?  The editor did not mean it in that manner.  It was most definitely a slam.

And I can honestly say I never intended to write about a creepy hero, but ladies out there, which of you have never encountered a creepy hero?  So does this relate back to the first?

How is this feedback to be taken?

Because honestly, I read her email and then didn’t feel anything for six weeks, and then I cheerily responded to her email saying I had been thinking properly on it when in fact I had been feeling nothing at all and didn’t know really quite what to say.

I guess I’ll just return to my creepy heroes and hope they do something believable.

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