Entitled Tuesday with Laura Strickland

May 12, 2015

Welcome to Entitled Tuesdays where we ask authors the question: what’s in a name.

This week I welcome historical romance writer Laura Strickland.

OK, I have a confession to make: I love words. Not too surprising from a writer, I guess. But let me add that one of my very favorites is the word wicked. Oh, the connotations that brings to mind! Slightly naughty, slightly dark and magical, slightly sexual.  So when I decided to write another Highlander Romance, I knew I just had to sneak that word into the title somehow.  And since the word “wicked” is similar in sound to Wicca (and thus linked in my mind) I decided my Highlander should walk the old ways, be a purveyor of the magic I believe still lingers in the Highlands. Thus was born Finnan MacAllister with his bold, brave, unforgiving heart and his wicked Highland ways.  This time, the title came first for me, even before the story. And what fun it was to write!

Don’t Miss His Wicked Highland Ways:

His Wicked Highland WaysWidowed following a marriage of convenience, Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries, Scotland, for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother-in-arms, laird of the glen. Though she’s never met the laird, local rumor labels him both murderer and seducer—a wicked, dangerous man who Jeannie learns is determined to chase her from his land.

Finnan MacAllister has come home to Glen Mhor in order to right past wrongs. He doesn’t care that Rowan Cottage is the beautiful Widow MacWherter’s only refuge. He’s convinced she’s a wanton who deliberately broke the heart of his best friend, Geordie, and he’s vowed to get even with her: seduction is his weapon of choice. But will his own heart betray him?

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9 thoughts on “Entitled Tuesday with Laura Strickland”

  1. Laura Strickland

    Thank you so much for having me here today! I wonder if our visitors have any favorite words (other than the ones they might speak when they stub their toes)?

  2. Ashantay Peters

    Love the story! I agree – “wicked” does hold that “slightly sinful” connotation. Finnan sounds like that kind o guy! Best wishes with your newest release.

    • Laura Strickland

      Oh, he is, Ashantay! Deliciously wicked. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Luanna Stewart

    Wow, that’s a wicked cover. Here in Maine they use “wicked” as a synonym for great, the best, or in the case of food, delicious. And your book sounds delicious, too – mystical highlands with a sexy laird, I’m sold! It’s going on my Kindle right now.

    • Laura Strickland

      Thanks, Luanna! Hope you enjoy. There’s nothing like spending a few nights with a wicked Highlander.

  4. Angelina (Barbin) Jameson

    I love the word ‘wicked’! So many ways to use it. I’m trying to think of a fave word but can’t… Oh, the pressure. 🙂 Best wishes with what sounds a delightful story, Laura.

    • Laura Strickland

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Angelina!

  5. Sharon Frizell

    great excerpt ,love the word wicked , brings a lot of tempting things to my mind,lol

    • Laura Strickland

      Tempting … that’s just the perfect description, Sharon! Thanks for visiting!

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