Confessions of a Writer: That’s Not What It Looks Like

November 12, 2015

Writing is an incredibly solitary endeavor, and introvert that I am, it suits me well.  But it leads to odd questions when people ask me what it looks like when I write.  No, seriously.  I get this question a lot.

My mom grew up on a dairy farm.  She’s a very down to earth, no-nonsense, practical, needs to see it to believe it kind of woman.  She goes to church every week and makes the best beef stew (even if she never makes it when her daughter pleads for it over and over and over again).  Mom and I share an uncomfortably huge love of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.  (C’mon, who’s with me?)  One movie, Trading Christmas, is about a novelist, and it sparked this question from my practical mother: is this what you look like when you write?

writingpartnersUm, no.

I write on the couch, in my pajamas mostly or perhaps yoga pants if I’m feeling perky, and I’m covered in Basset hound.  My ever helpful writing partners are also a bit clingy (there are rumors that I spoil them, but that can’t possibly be true), and to get any work done, I must provide opportunities for cuddling at all times.

So there you have an inside look at the glamorous life of a romance author.

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