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Historical romance author Jessie Clever shares a bit of the historical research she finds when writing her Regency suspense novel series, The Spy Series.

We’re venturing through the Victorian era just now as I work on my latest manuscript.  I’ve been researching women’s clothing in this period as I’ve never taken the time to really look at it.  I’ve studied Regency era clothing to no end (including drawers and knickers), but never Victorian period clothing.  And as with everything… more

I read an earth shattering book recently that has me completely rethinking my approach to Victorian research for my current work in progress.  It was a novel written in very much the same way a Victorian novel would have been written.  It was unsettling and uncomfortable and when I read the author’s note at the… more

Victorians were odd.  Have I said that already?  Although I picture future historians looking back on our age and thinking, why did everyone take so many pictures of themselves?  A narcissistic lot that was. So I take murder tourists with the same grain of thought and understanding that at the time, this all made sense.… more

My research has propelled me forward into the Victorian era, a time period rich with innovation, discovery, and downright oddity.  Like today’s topic: the bathing machine. Victorian thinking could not be stretched so far as to think a woman might actually enjoy a dip into the ocean, romping through the waves, or, God forbid, swimming. … more