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Historical romance author Jessie Clever shares a bit of the historical research she finds when writing her Regency suspense novel series, The Spy Series.

In this week’s post, I want to share with you an excellent new resource for history lovers: Dirty, Sexy History.  This blog has everything you ever wanted to know about history but were afraid to ask.  Love historical romance novels?  You’ll definitely want to check out this blog run by the incredible historical romance author… more

Roller skates were popular long before the disco-ball rinks of the 80s.  Roller skates in the Victorian period were wheels attached to a board that would then be strapped to one’s regular street shoes.  Having wheels strapped to one’s feet that may or may not become unstrapped and snap your ankle, may seem terrifying.  But… more

This is one fashion trend I can get behind because I love, love, love birds!  Birds as accessories were rampant.  Birds on brooches, birds on hats, birds on neckwear.  But it’s the birds on hats that I particularly like. Hat decoration included not only an entire bird, but sometimes just the wings popping up on… more

You’ve probably seen period movies or television shows with female actors scurrying about with shelves attached to their bottoms.  Those shelves are bustles.  There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the bustle.  It was just another attempt in the 1800s to change the shape of the female body. However, it is a symptom of the bustle that… more